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   The wedding day is not all about the Bride. Grooms are equally important and you really do need to takes steps both before and during the wedding day to ensure things run smoothly. Below are just a few tips that might help.

  • Try your very best to not be hungover for your wedding day – your bride has gone to great lengths to make this day special, so suck it up, take some Advil, and drink lots of coffee/water.
  • Create a checklist: Make sure your groomsmen know the timeline and what they’re supposed to do throughout the day. They’re you’re best buds, ask them to help in any way they can to give you a little less to stress about.
  • Do you have the rings? Check, double check.
  • Sending a gift/love letter to the bride on the wedding day is a very nice gesture. Most brides are nervous and need reassurance. You might not be able to be right next to her the whole day, but when she receives a letter/gift from you first thing in the morning, this can go a long way to letting her know you’re there holding her hand and everything will work out fine.
  • If you bought new shoes wear them a few times before the wedding day. Your bride will be doing the same with her shoes; you don’t want blisters on the wedding night.
  • Why don’t you treat yourself and your groomsmen to a nice professional shave the morning of the wedding? This is great “guy” time and you get a great, relaxing shave.
  • It might seem obvious, but spend some time with your new wife throughout the day.

   You and your bride are the focus of the day. Be the cool, calm and collected groom that is a shining example for everyone else and they’ll follow your lead. Above all else, relax and enjoy your day!

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