Best Wedding Photographers Buffalo NY | How do you choose the right photographer?

Buffalo Wedding Photographer | AlekseyK

   How to choose the best wedding photographer in Buffalo NY? Is there/Can there be a “Best”? Sorry to inform you, there isn’t one. There are, however, many wonderful and very talented photographers that are well recognized in the industry by their peers that may be the best choice for you. This choice involves research, planning and good communication. It’s about more than just price; it’s a combination of great imagery, personality, and customer service that leads to a great experience. Photography isn’t an exact science; you can have technical skill, but without the creative vision you’re nothing, and without great customer service, even the best images will turn sour. At the end of the day, the best photographer is the one that you can connect with, afford and enjoy seeing their images for the rest of your life.

   So, moving on to how you make this decision. You have the Wedding Date set, the Ceremony and Reception Venues booked, and now it’s time to choose your photographer. A simple Google search will yield dozens of results. How do you narrow down the choices? Do you have a friend that can recommend someone? What if they’re already booked? You could start on the first and second pages, send out inquiries and wait to hear back; but who’s to say that a photographer on the third or fourth page wouldn’t be a better fit for your style and personality. You will be spending thousands of dollars on this person/company; don’t you want to make the best informed decision?

   In short, do your research, and if you find imagery you love, the personality and professionalism of the photographer connects with you, and keeping in mind the price – you can’t go wrong.   

  As a wedding photographer, I’ve put together a list of what I’d like my ideal Couple to look for while they search. Please read: How to choose a Wedding Photographer that’s Right For You