Congratulations to Nick and Nicole who celebrated their wedding at Kateland Farm Event Barn, Holley, NY.  What a wonderful Couple this was to work with! As I got to know them over the past year, I couldn’t wait for the big day and to finally get to meet them in-person.  They shared with me a truly unique engagement story, which only increased my resolve that their wedding day was going to go great.  In Nicole’s words,

“Nick and I shared Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday off together and it was suppose to be really nice on that Tuesday. The week prior Nick asked me what I wanted to do so I decided it would be a great day to get outside with our dog Bentley and go on a hike. I love being outdoors. So, Tuesday comes and we get out to First Landing State Park where we usually hike. We hiked for about 2.5 miles and it led us to the spot where we first kissed a little over 1.5 years ago. As we are walking up Nick noticed something in the water and to my surprise it was a message in a bottle. I was freaking out. I couldn’t believe we just found a message in a bottle. So he hands me the bottle and I start to open it. He’s walked away from me at this point but I didn’t care because I was so caught up in the fact that we JUST FOUND A MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE! I get the letter out and start opening it– its address to Nicole (and literally the first thing that goes through my head is OH MY GOSH this person has the same name as me) so I read further and before I could even finish reading it I FINALLY realized what was happening and instantly starting crying. I turned to find Nick down on one knee. It was the best moment of my life. I was completely surprised. He couldn’t have planned it any better. We both love the outdoors, hiking, and being with our pup. I was freaking out the entire time. I’m pretty sure I asked him numerous times if he was sure. He even had two of our best friends hiding in the woods videotaping and taking pictures of it. It was the perfect day.”  

And, yes, as I expected, their wedding day was a great success.  After the ceremony, we all made our way over to Kateland Farm, an old miniature pony event barn, for the reception.  The uplighting was beautiful and the surrounding landscape picturesque.   Thank you Nick and Nicole for inviting me to be a part of your special day.  I wish you all the best for the future!