Rainy Wedding Day | Nick and Crina | Wedding Photography North Tonawanda

Wedding Photography North Tonawanda | AlekseyK

It was a cold and rainy day in Buffalo, NY, but you never would have known looking at all the smiles and hearing all the laughs coming from the Wedding of Crina and Nick! This was a truly laid back and fun group of people and I’m honored to have photographed their wedding.

                  The day started at St. Paul Lutheran Church in North Tonawanda, NY. The rain had already been coming down in torrents all morning and there was no sign of it letting up. I meandered back and forth between bride and groom, assessing the mood and wondering if I’d be able to convince them to step outside for some formals? I’m a pretty carefree, fun and “what the hell” kind of guy and I thought my powers of persuasion would do the trick, I just needed to find the right moment.

                  The ceremony was intimate and beautiful. With the midday light streaming in through the stained glass windows, they paid tribute to absent loved ones and celebrated their love with family and friends in attendance. After a few indoor formals and some quick dramatic lighting shots….Ha-ha!…… I convinced Crina and Nick to brave the elements. A short ride later we were at the North Tonawanda Botanical Gardens. With a sturdy umbrella in hand, and the dress secured, I finally got my beloved outdoor images, that I hope both bride and groom will remember with laughter and love for years to come. The ensuing reception lived up to my expectation. Can I just say, “Oh my God,” to the cupcakes!

                  Thank you again to both Crina and Nick for being such wonderful sports and indulging my every whim. I wish you both great happiness for years to come!