Wedding Photography | AlekseyK Photography

   I spent a wonderful, rainy, cold weekend with Stevi and Alex as they celebrated their wedding at the Overlook Mansion, Little Falls, NY. This historic house, built in the late 1880’s, has been magnificently restored and turned into a bed and breakfast and event center. Great care and precision was taken to bring back the original charm of this old home. It served as the perfect backdrop for a close, family-oriented wedding.

   Because of the cold and rain, we were limited to mostly staying indoors. I loved it, though, as it gave me the chance to experiment with ambient light and play around with the interesting features throughout the house. The ceremony was held in the house’s basement (which I think you can hardly call a basement anymore since it’s so beautiful)! Right before the ceremony was to start, I was told by Stevi’s Uncle (the officiant) that we’d be delayed a few minutes while Stevi’s brother, Nathan, transferred the speech he was to give from his phone to paper. No one knew what the delay was for until her Uncle spilled the beans during the toasts at dinner.

   I did manage to get outside with the Couple during a small break in the rain. It was still pretty cold, and Stevi did an amazing job to hide her shivering for the photographs. Alas, the sun set far too early for my liking, but this is what happens in the fall. We retreated back to the warmth of the house for dinner and dancing. As the night took hold, I convinced Stevi and Alex to brave the elements once again for a night shot in the rain. All in all, it was a great day with a loving Couple. Thank you again to Stevi and Alex for inviting me to take part and I wish you all the best for the future!