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On a beautiful, sunny day in Buffalo, NY Eric wed Darcy With family and friends in attendance, they sailed out into the Buffalo Harbor on the Spirit of Buffalo. It was truly one of the more interesting weddings I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. The wind was up, and I certainly had to have my sea legs on as I traversed the people, and rigging, on the little ship to capture all the right moments.

Eric and Darcy met at Darien Lake while they both were still in high school. To this day, they disagree on who made the first move. Eric knew Darcy was “The One” when, even during their worst fights, he could still look at her and know that this is who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Following suit, Darcy knows that when life gets hard, Eric is the only person she wants to turn to.

            Eric proposed at Wilkeson Pointe in Buffalo, NY. He was nervous, but Darcy is so easy to talk to, that he managed to keep his composure, so she didn’t see it coming! They took time before the wedding to reflect on each other’s little quirks; like Darcy’s sassy looks and Eric’s pension for squealing when he sees a dog.

            The reception party commenced at Marcy Casino, in Delaware Park, till late into the night. This is one of my favorite times during a wedding because people tend to let loose and really show their personalities. Eric and Darcy were no different! With the wedding day jitters long gone and the Paula’s Doughnuts flowing, more than anything else, they both feel blessed to celebrate with friends and family, with the post-ceremony party and dancing icing on the cake!