Brandon & Cara | Wedding Photography Campbell NY

I am truly honored to have spent this last weekend with Cara and Brandon in Campbell, NY. The weather was perfect, their family and friends were a joy to work with and I can honestly say I had a blast! Cara and Brandon met through their sister, Alyssa, while in San Antonio, TX. After four years of dating, he finally got the courage to ask her to marry him.

For all my wedding Couples, I give them a questionnaire to fill out and ask them to give me some details about how they met etc. I thought their answers were very moving and wanted to share them with you all. When asked, how did you know she was the one? Brandon replied, “I knew she was the one when I could not go to sleep or wake up without her being the first and last thing on my mind. Every day I spend with her I discover myself falling farther in love with her. Her generosity, her faith, her passion for life and finding the good in every situation. She has made me a better man.” My wife nearly started crying when she read this…

Engagement / Proposal

I also asked them about the proposal. I love to hear all the different stories and the cool things guys come up with. Theirs was another tearjerker… Cara wrote, “Brandon, Sookie [their dog], and I were on a normal walk around our neighborhood one night around 9:00PM–sweatpants, gloves, knit hats, etc. Brandon seemed insistent about going over the Centerway Bridge, and I didn’t object as I enjoyed walking. We were joking a lot on our walk about Sookie (the norm!), and I had NO idea that he was fiddling with a ring in his pocket. We walked across the bridge and on our way back over the bridge he suddenly dropped behind me and asked me to look in the pocket of Sookie’s leash pouch (in his best Sookie voice). There I found a letter written by Sookie, asking if Brandon could be her dad for real! I was shocked and as I turned around Brandon got down on one knee. I was speechless and just held my hand out for him to put the ring on my finger. It finally came out that Brandon had the ring since September! Good things come to those who wait. :)

Every moment of the day I spent with Cara and Brandon was fun, laid back, and memorable. These days are why I became a wedding photographer, and I can only hope that I get many more. Thank you Cara and Brandon for being who you are and letting me share in your special day!