Wedding Photographers Buffalo NY | The Importance of an Engagement Session

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   Congratulations on your Engagement!

   Whether you’re a couple that’s been together for 5 years or 5 months, you probably haven’t had professional photos taken of the two of you together. As wedding photographers in Buffalo, NY we believe the Engagement session is a great way for Couples to set the stage and get the ball rolling before their wedding day. Some feel it’s an unnecessary expense or a waste of time, but there are several reasons to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

When you’ve already hired your photographer

   If you’ve already hired your wedding day photographer, this is a great chance to establish a relationship. Most Couples are a bit awkward and shy in front of the camera. This “getting to know you” time with your photographer will make working together on the wedding day much more comfortable. Your photographer will be able to observe you and your fiancé in action before the big day, getting a sense of how the two of you interact and any little quirks you may have. Once you see your images, and you love them, this will give you the confidence on your wedding day to act more naturally and forget that you have someone following you around taking your picture. It may even inspire you to think outside of the box and get a little crazy!
   When you review the images you’ll also have the chance to tell your photographer what you do and do not like, so he can better capture your wedding day. Most photographers have an established style, and chances are you wouldn’t have hired them if you didn’t already love their work, but this is a good time to speak up about your feelings on different shots and angles, and you can let him know what you do like.
   The images from your engagement session can be used for a variety of things. The most common are Save the Date announcements, but there are also gifts for family members, wall art for you home, coffee table books, newspaper announcements, and engagement guest books or framed art displayed at your reception.

If you haven’t hired your photographer

   If you haven’t decided on a photographer an Engagement session is a good way to “test drive” a few candidates. Budgeting is an important part of every Couples’ wedding plans, so you’ll want to make sure you choose a photographer that will not only allow you to stay on budget, but who will deliver images and products you will love for a lifetime.  There are many wedding photographers in Buffalo, NY, so take your time, choose wisely and go with your instincts on who will deliver exactly what you’re looking for.