RJ & Lindsay | Wedding Photographer Akron NY

Wedding Photographer Akron NY | AlekseyK

Ceremony, Reception | The Timberlodge – Arrowhead Golf Club

     It was a pleasure to photograph the wedding of Lindsay and RJ at Timberlodge in the Arrowhead Golf Course, Akron, NY. Timberlodge is a popular facility for couples because of its large venue, rustic feel and great service.

    As the day kicked off, the sun was shining and everyone was smiling for the camera. The guys were already in full swing for the festivities. Following a retro theme, they donned sunglasses, trilby hats and vintage pocket watches. The girls, I would say, were more down-to-earth and comfy, wearing short, flowy dresses and sandals.

    I had to work with several different lighting conditions throughout the day. First, in the girl’s prep room there was no window (natural) light source. I decided to eliminate all light sources and use a LED handheld to selectively place the light where I wanted. Then, the sun was so harsh while I was trying to shoot the guys outside I brought them under some cover to try and control the environment a bit and use the side light for a more dramatic effect. We took a short golf cart ride over to a boardwalk in the woods for some alone time. The pictures might not show it, but I made a VERY big mental note to myself that day to always bring bug spray – the mosquitoes were out in full force. Lindsay and RJ were good sports about the whole thing but it got to a point where we admitted defeat and hightailed it out of there to safety.

    I would like to congratulate Lindsay and RJ and thank them for allowing me to be their wedding photographer of choice on such a special day.