Congratulations to Brandon and Kayla who kicked off my 2018 Wedding Season by celebrating in the Terrace Room at Statler City, Buffalo NY.  What a great Couple to begin this New Year!  I began with the Guys getting ready before driving over to be with the Girls.  The weather was beautiful (although the sun reflecting off the snow made it difficult to see at times).  It was so warm, in fact, that we were able to do the First Look outside the Family home.  We even got all the Guys to put on their Hockey jerseys.  For the Ceremony, we drove over to the beautiful St. Louis Roman Catholic Church, the oldest Church here in Buffalo.   At this point, the sun shining through the stained glass was beneficial; illuminating what would have otherwise been a difficult darkness to overcome.  We went straight over to the Statler City Terrace Room for family formals and the reception.  This location is perfect for indoor creatives with Couples because of the variety of rooms and backdrops throughout the building.  I even had the opportunity later in the evening to steal Brandon and Kayla away from the party and take advantage of a balcony and nearby Niagara Square.  Overall, a fun-filled day turned into a magical evening.  Thank you again to Brandon and Kayla for inviting me to be a part of your special day.  I wish you both all the best for the future!