Lindsay & Walt | Spring Lake Winery Wedding

   As summer begins to wind down, we celebrated the wedding of Lindsay and Walt at Spring Lake Winery, Lockport, NY. The Winery was an ideal setting for this intimate, rustic wedding. Set back into the woods, it was quiet, intimate and made me forget anything else was happing in the world around me. A large pond serves as the backdrop for ceremonies and receptions, but there’s also a walking trail, train tracks and, of course, the vineyard. All these gave me plenty to play with for the photography, but to add a little extra kick, the Couple ordered a horse-drawn carriage for their entrance/exit.

   I began my day with the guys. Everything was going as normal until we discovered we were missing the groom’s pocket square. Not to fear, though, as the best man was on-point, made a quick phone call and the salon hand delivered a replacement (not too bad service in my opinion). From the guys, I went and me the girls at the salon, then off to the hotel to get the bride ready. I know I’ve said this before, but hotels are definitely the way to go for the bride’s getting ready. Not only does this eliminate the need to clean your house for the photography, but the simplicity of decor and lack of “clutter” can’t be beat. Now, not to say every hotel room is ideal (in general I’d like them all to be bigger).

Spring Lake Winery

   When I arrived at Spring Lake Winery, I was immediately ecstatic and jumping for joy. I could see the potential of so many angles and locations throughout the property. I couldn’t wait to take Lindsay and Walt away for a few minutes by themselves. I had my chance after dinner, just as the sun was setting, and I’m very happy with the results. Aside from my own selfish reasons, taking Couples away from the crowd gives them time to breathe. I’ve heard all too often that the wedding day flies by. These ten minutes or so gives a Couple time to be together. It’s needed, and I don’t mind fighting with a DJ to get it! All in all, the day was a success, I want to congratulate Lindsay and Walt and thank them for inviting me to be a part of their special day.

Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Photographer | AlekseyK

Ceremony & Reception – Spring Lake Winery

Carriage | Hartland Carriage