Kelly & Tom | Seneca Lake Wedding

Wedding Photographer | AlekseyK

I had the pleasure of celebrating a wonderful evening with Kelly and Tom at Seneca Lake, NY. A lake house was the perfect setting for this small, intimate wedding; and, the gathering of close friends and family completed the day. Kelly and Tom first met as neighbors in Wyoming. A camping trip sealed the deal for both of them, and the rest is history.

I feel truly blessed every time I have such a wonderful Couple to work with. They were so at ease with each other and laid back about the day. Events unfolded as they were meant to, and Kelly and Tom weren’t afraid/too shy to openly show their love for one another. With minimal direction, I was able to stand back and simply capture what unfolded. After the ceremony, we all walked down to the lake for some appetizers and family formals. The cool breeze was a welcome relief to this hot summer day, but the wind nixed any idea I had of getting Kelly and Tom out on the water in some kayaks. Would…have…been…epic! Anyway, my disappointment aside, by far the best comic relief we had was Daisy (the dog) chasing after some ducks in the water. I swear the ducks were enjoying themselves because they didn’t fly away; they just kept going in circles and making Lucy go farther and farther off shore.

Once cocktails and formals were done, we headed back to the house for a tasty dinner. By the time we were finished eating, darkness had come and it was time for a bonfire! An adjacent apple tree, lit up with glowing lanterns, was the backdrop for the first dances. I used flashes to illuminate the Couples as they took to the makeshift dancefloor. An added (and really cool) bonus was the smoke from the nearby bonfire. My day came to an end all too quickly. I want to thank Kelly and Tom for being true to themselves and for inviting me to celebrate such a special day!