Perfect Family Photo Session

Buffalo Family Photographer | AlekseyK

          It’s been forever since your last family photo session. So, what goes into creating the Perfect Family Photo Session? Lets think, what’re you looking for? How would you describe your families’ personality? Do you want studio or outdoors? Do you want classical or more casual images? Choose the place, coordinating clothing, and you cannot go wrong. 


         Talk to your photographer and explain your vision of the photo session, he or she will give you a couple of locations which might achieve the desired results.  You can choose a: Park, Field, Beach, City, Urban style, or any other place, which can show your families character.


         You don’t need to break the bank on clothing; it’s more about the perceived emotion.  Once you have a location, make sure to coordinate the clothing to match. Think about the colors and patterns that will go with the décor.  A small accessory can be good to accent. Prepare clothing ahead of time.


– Big logos, and anything that can take attention away from the emotions.

– Super trendy clothing may not look so cool in a couple of years; a simple and classy look will be timeless.


         On weekdays it’s less crowded in any location.  Closer to sunset, known as the “Golden hour,” will always be more beneficial for you and your photographer.


         Of course images for Facebook are very important, but don’t forget to order prints or canvases for display on your wall at home. It can be a big statement of your FAMILY and what they mean to you.


         Have fun and don’t worry too much if one of the kids doesn’t cooperate, you’ll most likely prefer them showing their personalities anyway.  If you go into the session thinking/saying “don’t do this, look this way, I said smile, not this smile – mood” you’re not going to have fun and neither will your kids.  So relax and give the photographer a chance to work and you’ll be amazed.