Congratulations to Kris and Katie who were married this past weekend at Pearl @ The Webb Buffalo, NY.  This particular love story has spanned half a dozen years and I feel blessed to have been a part of it.  Kris’s proposal is one I imagine most women would love, so I’d like to share a small part of it here.  In Katie’s words, “We live together, but that morning we had started out separately with our own errands. When I returned home I found that he surprised me with a love note taped to our bathroom mirror which had an image of a willow tree. He wrote on it “you + me + a willow tree. Meet me at Hoyt Lake”. I immediately felt extremely nervous, but also in denial and trying to tell myself it was just another one of his surprise “adventures” (that Kris was known to do every once in a while). When I met him at the park he had a beautiful picnic spread out underneath the canopy of a willow tree. I felt choked up with emotion when I saw what a beautiful job he did. He presented me with a rose. He had music playing, and poured me a glass of wine. We had lunch and chatted, then he presented me with a hand-made gift. He created a book and in it was a story of two penguins, and how the male penguin set off on a journey to find the perfect stone to present to his mate so they could build a nest together. I had tears already rolling down my cheeks after reading the title page. After reading the book, Kris (took a minute because he was also crying, but eventually) got on his knee and proposed.”  We visited the same willow tree again on their Special Day to tie everything together.  Kris had even hired a painter to commemorate the occasion (as a surprise for Katie).  The funny part was, Katie had tried to hire him to do the same thing (but Kris got to him first)!  We hit up several other important spots around the Buffalo area, before heading back to The Webb for the remainder of the day.  Thank you again to Kris and Katie for inviting me to be a part of your special day.  I wish you both all the best for the future!