Greg and Elyse | Park Country Club Wedding  

   Congratulations to Greg and Elyse who married this weekend at Christ the King Chapel at Canisius College, with a reception following at The Park Country Club, Williamsville, NY.  This was the second of two weddings for Leah and I this weekend with another wonderful Couple.  We’ve been very blessed this year to have so many great Clients.  It really reinforces our love of photography to be able to capture special moments for deserving people.  

   Leah and I began by meeting Elyse, the girls and her family at her parent’s house for the getting ready.  After a few detail shots, Leah ran over to Greg to spend some time with the guys, then dashed to the Chapel.  It was another hot one outside as I quickly got Elyse into her dress and did some portraits, as we too needed to get to the Chapel on time.  

   I’ve worked at Christ the King Chapel several times now, and it’s a lovely location, although in July, I wouldn’t mind a bit of air conditioning!  At one point, one of the groomsmen redirected a nearby fan to blow on Greg and Elyse, and I could see the relief from the other side of the aisle.  Family formals outside were a welcome relief after the ceremony.  

   Next, we all made our way over to Park Country Club to spend the rest of our evening.  I grabbed the bridal party for the traditional set of photos, then bid everyone goodbye so we could have some one-on-one time with just Elyse and Greg.  Of note on this day was the wind.  For as hot as it was, the wind was just as troublesome, especially given the cathedral length veil Elyse had on.  The pins held, though, and I decided to embrace the chaos by going a bit more creative.  

   As the sun set, I took Greg and Elyse outside to capture the splendor.  Leah and I stayed for another hour or so to do our dance rounds, then said our goodbyes.  Thank you again to Greg and Elyse and all their family and friends for inviting us to be a part of this special day.  We wish you all the best for the future!

Wedding Vendors:

Photographer | AlekseyK Photography

Reception | The Park Country Club