James and Lauren Wedding

Congratulations to James and Lauren who were married this past weekend at Marcy Casino Buffalo, NY.  The happy Couple first met in high school, but never dated.  16yrs later, they reconnected and the rest is history!  It was a cold and rainy start to our day as Leah and I split up to cover the getting readies.  When we met back up at Marcy Casino, things were looking better, but still on the chilly side.  I was worried that our Outdoor Ceremony was in jeopardy.  We decided to stick to the plan, which involved a First Look for Lauren and James by Hoyt Lake.  It was incredibly quiet in the Park, and there were very few people walking around (which may have been due in part to the weather).  From Hoyt Lake, we moved over to Albright Knox to capture a bit of architecture.  Of course, it was our luck that the gallery decided to have a very large crane out that day (to move a piece of artwork I suppose).  It was a bit difficult to maneuver around and keep it out of the shots, but I think the overall look worked out well.  Next, it was time to get ready for the Ceremony, which was to take place on the patio between Hoyt Lake and Marcy Casino.  As guests took their seats and we got into position, the sun came out.  It was the only point in the day that it did, and I couldn’t help but think it was symbolic.  We’d wanted to also take some pictures in the Rose Garden, but as family formals wrapped up, the weather turned very cold and windy, and I just couldn’t ask the girls to stay outside any longer, especially without any type of coats or covers.  We moved into the dancing portion of the day and under the tent, with the heaters blasting, all cold thoughts melted away.  Thank you again to James and Lauren for being such troopers and for inviting us to be a part of your special day!