Greg & Abby | La Galleria Wedding Photos

Congratulations to Abby and Greg who married this weekend at Saint John Paul II Church with a reception following at La Galleria, Orchard Park, NY.  They were kind enough to share their beautiful story with us, so now we’d like to share it with you.  

“It all began in June 2017 at Pearl Street Grill & Brewery in Buffalo, NY. Making an unforgettable entrance, Abby showed up one hour late to their first date. Luckily, Greg was patient (and continues to be).  They grew closer over the coming months spending time laughing, joking, and of course, running.  It was on one of these workout days that Greg planned the proposal.  They headed to their favorite running spot on December 8th, 2018 for what Abby believed was going to be a treacherous 15 mile run. After stalling the workout as long as possible, Greg was able to get Abby in the car to head to the Outer Harbor for an unforgettable moment. However, not knowing what Greg had in store for this gloomy Saturday afternoon, Abby did all she could to throw off the plan. She argued about running, she argued about the weather, she complained more about the cold, she thought it would be better to run at the gym. Approaching the waterfront, Abby continued to mention how cold it looked outside, while Greg chatted away about the run and pretty much anything that came to mind that may have distracted Abby.

As they started their run (Greg upbeat, and Abby…well…not) it took an unexpected turn, the sun came out. At two miles into their run, the couple approached a gazebo clearly set up for a wonderful and romantic proposal. Rose petals, lights, champagne, and… a sign. As Greg and Abby approached the set up a wonderfully crafted sign read “Abigail, Marry Me?” In absolute amazement, Abby turned to Greg to laugh and comment on how ironic it was to run by a sign that had her name written on it. Much to her surprise, on one knee behind her was Greg, with a ring!


This hilarious and romantic story really demonstrates Abby and Greg’s dynamic.  Their wedding day was no different, and was one that I was looking forward to all year.  Leah and I would like to thank Abby and Greg once again for inviting us on this journey.  We wish you both all the best for the future!

Wedding Vendors:

Photographer | AlekseyK Photography
Ceremony | Saint John Paul II Church
Reception |  La Galleria, Orchard Park, NY