Congratulations to Matt and Jamie who were married this past weekend at Knox Farm State Park, East Aurora, NY.  What a fun-filled, laid-back day this was!  Leah and I began separately with the girls and guys getting readies.  Leah was at The Roycroft Inn and I was at a family house nearby.  The girls had their game faces on and hair done when Leah arrived; the guys….. not so much…. After finding lost shoes, socks and cufflinks, we were ready to get the day started, and all headed over to Knox Farm for the remainder of the day.  This picturesque venue is a gem of Western New York, and I’m very thankful we’re able to work here.  Other than a bit of summer heat, the day was perfect.  After a wonderful ceremony, we were ahead of schedule, so I took Matt and Jamie for some much-needed one-on-one creatives.  A little while later, I grabbed the rest of the bridal party (some of whom had already indulged in the open bar) and we had just enough time to get some pics with the rented trolley bus before introductions and dinner.  I’d say one of the most memorable events of the evening, was the blood-bath cake cutting.  It all started innocent enough, but quickly turned into cake in the face and a large diamond ring contacting Matt’s face (in like four places).  I’d like to say I captured the aftermath, but Leah was too concerned about helping to stop the bleeding, and I didn’t want to throw salt in the wound for Matt.  In the end, there were no hurt feelings and hairspray stemmed the flow.  The rest of the night progressed stress-free and full of fun.  Thank you again to Jamie and Matt for inviting us to be a part of your event.  We wish you both all the best for the future!