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   As my 2016 Wedding Season comes to a close, I’m happy to share with you all and congratulate Gina and Jonathan on their wedding this past weekend at the Bond Lake Warming House, Ransomville, NY. I’ve said it before, but Fall in Western New York is certainly a crap shoot! Leading up to the weekend, I was convinced that we were going to spend our day getting creative indoors and hiding from foul weather. To my pleasant surprise, I didn’t feel one drop the entire day and I met all my expectations.

   Weather aside, we did have a few other laughs throughout the day. After the ceremony, the best man came up to me to show off his new footwear – both soles had started to peel off the bottom of his shoes… they didn’t last long after that. Then, while we were in the middle of bridal party photos, a 7 strong goat train meandered past us across the street. Since Jonathan works at an animal hospital, we thought it quite fitting to ask for a couple goats to take a picture with the happy Couple. No sooner did I think to myself that maybe two eating machines next to a white dress and a handful of flowers wasn’t a good idea before one of the goats made a move for the bouquet. We averted disaster in time and as it turned out, a few people in the bridal party actually knew the goat handlers. We took a quick spin down by the Lake to give Gina and Jonathan a rest before the chaos, then it was back to work.

   Our pleasant fall day turned into night all too fast. After a wonderful dinner, the party started and my time grew short. Thank you again to Gina and Jonathan for inviting me to be a part of your special day. I wish you all the best for the future!