Jeremy and Jessica Wedding  | Marriott Hotel Rochester NY

Location | Marriott Hotel Rochester NY

Rochester Wedding Photographer | AlekseyK Photography

     It was my pleasure to photograph Jessica and Jeremy in Rochester, NY as the 2015 summer came to a close. The Couple decided to go more non- traditional, and have their first look at Charlotte Beach, before the ceremony. Most of my couples this year decide to have their first look during the ceremony, and I was happy for the change in routine. This also gave me an opportunity to get some creative images before the bride and groom got too swept away with the guests. I recommend to all my brides to have their first look before the ceremony. I think it not only gives me more time with the couple for creatives, but it also means that I’m not fighting for their attention, like I so often am once they begin greeting their guests and worrying about the details of the ceremony and reception.

    Jeremy was very nervous as he waited for Jessica, but that all melted away after their first kiss. We proceeded to do some formal shots and creatives. Things got interesting for a bit when a wasp got caught in Jessica’s dress, but the groomsmen were there to the rescue! It was obvious the bridal party had begun their celebrations early (not that I blame them), so keeping everyone on task began to get more and more difficult as the day progressed.

    The ceremony and reception were held at the Marriott. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of ceremony’s in hotel ballrooms, but it is what it is. A friend of the family was the officiant, which brought a nice touch to the proceedings. I was forewarned that dancing was going to be a focus of the night, and so it was. Bridal party and guests alike danced the night away. My time with the happy couple soon drew to a close and I said goodnight. As I check off another great wedding for the season, I am again reminded that I have a pretty cool job.