How to look your best on your Wedding Day


Wedding photographer Buffalo NY Tips and Tricks how to Look your Best on your Wedding Day.

          Every bride has an image in her head of how she’ll look on her wedding day. Here are a few pointers for looking your best both before and on the day of your wedding.

Before the Wedding Day

To Diet or Not to Diet?

            If you feel you need to lose a bit of weight to fit just right into your wedding dress, remember to start well in advance (6+ months prior). You want to lose the weight gradually and maintain those new healthy eating/workout habits even after you say “I do.” Be careful, though, that you’ve planned accordingly with what size wedding dress you’ve purchased. Drastic last minute alterations are VERY expensive. For example, if you know you want to lose 20+ lbs before your wedding, but want to buy the wedding dress a year or more in advance, plan on buying a smaller size that you’re currently at. That, of course, means you’ll need to actually lose that weight!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

            Want healthy, glowing skin for your pictures? Well, drink plenty of water in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Yes, I said WEEKS! It takes time to shed the old skin and replace it with new, healthy and hydrated cells, so plan ahead.

Sleep well

            While partying the night before your big day may be traditional, dark puffy bags under your eyes the next day make for not so pretty photos. Remember that your wedding day is a LONG day. You’ll be up early getting ready, walking around for hours in shoes that make your feet scream, and entertaining guests well into the night. Be kind to yourself, have your parties several days before your wedding and make sure to get 8+ hours of sleep the night before.

Have a hair and makeup trial

           If you routinely go to a salon and have your hair and makeup done by someone else this probably isn’t necessary. But most people don’t do this, and have no idea what color pallet looks good with their skin or what hair style will complement their dress/stand up to the rigors of the wedding day. This is also a great chance to find makeup and hairstylists that you like. The day of your wedding is not the time to find out that the people you’ve hired to make you look beautiful fell short of the mark.

Whiten your teeth

            Whether you purchase over-the-counter or professional treatments, this wedding day prep step is especially important! Your photographer will be taking thousands of images on your wedding day, so don’t take it for granted that they’ll be able to retouch your teeth in every single image. This goes for the groom too!

On the Wedding Day

Go waterproof with your makeup

                   You can say you won’t cry, but you will, so save your makeup by taking this relatively simple precautionary step.

Smile with your eyes

                  Practice this look in the mirror. If your eyes look tired, your picture will look tired. If you don’t really understand what I mean, find a picture of yourself laughing or, get a mirror, then have your fiancé make you laugh. While you’re laughing, look into the mirror. Take note of what your eyes look like in that moment of joy and that’s how to smile with your eyes.

Strike a pose!

            If you want to strike the best pose you need to practice, practice, practice! You can bet celebrities have been coached by professionals. What seems natural doesn’t always translate well in print. Remember to keep your shoulders back, lean slightly towards the photographer while angling your hips away with a slight curve. Don’t stand straight on with the camera, angle your body away. For women, one of the best tips we can give is to keep your arms away from your body; this will instantly take pounds off your waistline and keep that dreaded arm fat from appearing any bigger than it may already be. Hold your bouquet at your hip line. It can be wonderful for hiding mid-section rolls.

Shoe swap

            Heels are a girls’ best friend for looking great in pictures, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours walking around in them, killing your feet. If you’re in pain, it’ll show in the pictures. Aside from breaking the shoes in well before the wedding day so you don’t get blisters, try bringing a pair of sandals with you too. You can walk from location to location in the nice, comfy shoes, then swap out for the heels for the pictures. One less pain to worry about as the day turns to night.

Enjoy and have fun no matter what

            It’s your wedding day, have fun! Don’t stress, don’t fuss over every detail. Chances are, if you’ve planned your day well in advance, and prepared yourself with contingency plans for any last minute hiccups, then you’ll be fine. Try not to let any family matters distract you from your bliss and focus instead on your new spouse and the new life you’re starting together.