How to choose a Wedding Photographer that’s Right For You

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Congratulations on your Engagement!

Let’s go through a couple of things to consider when deciding How to choose a Wedding Photographer that’s Right For You:

Does the Photographer’s Style Match your Vision?

  • Traditional – mostly posed images.
  • Photojournalism – more of the candid images.
  • Creative – Artsy Magazine Quality – time consuming, but can yield wow images.
  • Mix of all above.

How much Coverage do I need?

  • 8-10 hours will be enough to cover most weddings, but if you’re non-traditional make sure you book extra time.  
  • A great way to take the pressure off is to book a photographer that offers a whole day coverage package, so there’s no need to constantly look at the clock.

What’s Your Budget?

  • Plan to spend 15-20% of your budget for a photographer.
  • Understand that there’s always room to move money around. If the photographer you want is out of your budget, think about spending less on another area of the wedding. i.e You need to decide what’s more important: the photography or the centerpieces on your reception tables?
  • You can always ask if the photographer accepts payment plans. They will most likely ask for around 75% by the wedding day, then hold all the images and products till the remainder is paid in full.

Wedding Album vs. CD of Images

There are basically two types of services being offered on the market today. One includes the photographers’ time, talent and fully edited images on CD/DVD/USB, but does not include any extras like albums/ prints etc. without charging extra. The other type, “full service” photographers, include time, talent and various additional services/ products based on the price of the package you choose.

In my opinion, the best way to preserve this special day is through both albums and artwork. The “full service” photographers are the best way to include these features into your wedding. They allow you to choose your images and then they do the rest of the legwork. The reality is that most people say they’ll create their own album/video/large artwork, but then never actually do it. If you’re one of those people, the best thing you can do for yourself is spend a little extra and get someone else to do the work for you.

The Photographer’s Portfolio

Most importantly, do you like the photographers’ images? Can you connect yourself with his or her style? Can you see yourself in their images? Browse the Internet and create a list of different photographers that match your vision of the day. Then begin narrowing down this list based on the above-mentioned criteria (budget, time, extras).

One new trend is to use Pinterest to create a “vision” board, so you can take these images to your photographer and say, “This is what I’m looking for!”

Contact thru Email

Ask about availability for your date. Most established photographers book weddings a year in advance and limit the number of weddings they do a year. If you wait too long, you may not get your first choice, or even your second. Plan ahead!

Meet in person

Personality is another important factor. You want to connect with your photographer, if you don’t like something or feel uncomfortable in any way, RUN… this is your day. If everything seems to be going well when you meet, be ready to book your date (and most likely pay a deposit right then and there).

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