Congratulations to Cody and Emma who were married this past weekend at Holiday Valley Resort Ellicottville, NY.  I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful Couple because of another wedding I did two years ago at Becker Farms for Heather and Oscar Vizcarra.  We were all together again for this special day in the mountains; and oddly enough, the weather was just as crazy as it was two years ago.  Leah and I began our day with the getting readies.  Two houses, right next to each other, had been rented for the weekend to serve as home base for the bridal party.  We decided to do a First Look right outside one of the homes and then take the bridal party over to Holiday Valley for some photos before the ceremony.  The heat and humidity were ramping up as the day progressed, but a stiff breeze kept everyone comfortable as Emma walked down the aisle.  That breeze was actually the precursor to a line of storms coming into the area, and we had to cancel the mountain-top photos we’d planned due to high winds.  We were going to take the ski lift up (which would have been a really cool photo I think).  Good thing we didn’t, though, because half way thru cocktail hour the entire mountainside lost power.  We got lucky, and the outage only lasted 30min or so, and dinner was served in due course.  I’m just thankful we were able to get some sunset photos in before all this happened.  By the time everyone was done eating dinner the heavy rain had passed, and most people made their way outside to enjoy the cigar bar and fresh air.  All in all, a wonderful day!  Thank you again to Cody and Emma for inviting us to be a part of your special day.  We wish you both all the best for the future!