Gianfranco & Liz | Greenhouse Room in The Lafayette Hotel

Congratulations to Liz and Gianfranco who married this weekend at St. Louis Church, with a reception following at Pearl @ The Greenhouse Room in The Lafayette Hotel, Buffalo, NY.  This was the first of two weddings for us this holiday weekend.  I began with both the guys and girls getting ready at The Lafayette Hotel downtown.  The guys, per usual, were pretty laid back and carefree when I arrived.  When I made my way to the girls, hair and makeup were in full swing and also, per usual, the girls were busy bees trying to finish all the last touches that really make the wedding day happen.  

Down to the wire, we slipped Liz into her dress and did a few portraits before making our way off to Church.  Funny to say, for both my weddings this weekend, I have Ceremonies at St. Louis.  This beautiful Gothic-Style Church is undergoing some renovation, but that takes nothing away from the beauty and splendor inside.  After the lovely Ceremony, I spent some time with the bridal party in the adjoining garden.  Liz and Gianfranco also wanted to highlight some of the other areas that make Buffalo special, so we headed down to the Erie Basin Marina, then back to Lafayette Square.  This tour of the city is reminiscent of how the two of them met: Liz was an orientation leader for UB, and Gianfranco had just arrived to start his graduate studies.  She offered to show him around the city, they had their first date at Canalside, and ended up spending hours getting to know each other.  Fast forward 4 years later, and the dreams and goals they first talked about have become a reality.

Soon enough, it was time to get the party started!  Their reception was in the Greenhouse Room at the Lafayette, which is by far one of my favorite areas of the hotel.  It’s not too big, has ample lighting and is managed by Pearl Street Catering.  Dinner and dancing ensued, and then it was time for me to say my goodbyes.  Thank you again to Liz and Gianfranco for inviting me to spend this special day with you.  I wish you all the best for the future! 

Wedding Vendors:

Photographer | AlekseyK Photography

Ceremony | St. Louis Church

Reception | Pearl @ The Greenhouse Room