John & Jana  | Glenora Winery Wedding Photos | Finger Lakes Wedding

Congratulations to John and Jana who were married this past weekend at the Glenora Wine Cellars in Dundee, NY.  This was my third and final wedding for the 2019 Memorial Day weekend.  I went solo this time, so the timing for the day needed to be well thought-out.  I began with John and the guys getting ready at an air-bnb across the road from Glenora.  It was a beautiful location, and spirits were high as I arrived.  John chose to start the day with a Bible study and a blessing with his friends and groomsmen.  Getting mentally prepared before physically.  Next, I went to Jana and the girls across the street at Glenora.  John had prepared several letters for Jana (as opposed to just the traditional one), to be given at appointed times throughout the day, which is something I hadn’t seen before and felt was really touching.  It was a nice way to have an intimate moment as the day unfolded without even needing to be physically together.  

After Jana was all set to go, we drove to Montour Falls for a First Look.  John met us there, and I picked out a perfect, secluded spot where they could be alone (pretty sure I was in a neighbor’s backyard, but hey…).  I stepped back and let the moment unfold.  John and Jana are a wonderful Couple and I was very thankful for how genuine they both are.  You can really feel the love between them looking at the pictures.  When they were ready, we moved around the park area to get some of the waterfall in the background.  I wanted to give them as much time as possible just for themselves, before taking them back to reality.  On the way back, we stopped at a railroad track to recreate a family picture, then headed on to the Winery for the Ceremony and Reception.

Just as the ceremony was starting, the clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped noticeably.  I was thankful for the cloud cover, because direct sunlight can be brutal for both guests and picture taking.  One very unexpected moment happened when it was time to exchange the rings.  They opened the box and John’s ring was missing!  Undaunted, Jana took the ring her sister, Lindsey, had gifted her off her right hand and put it onto John’s.   Later on, John’s best man, Kit, explained that the ring was never missing, it was simply being well looked after.

Day turned into night, and dinner and dancing ensued.  We were afforded a beautiful sunset and I stayed for a sparkler send-off.  Thank you again to John and Jana for inviting me to be a part of your special day.  We wish you all the best for the future!