John & Katie | Garret Club Wedding Photography

   Congratulations to John and Katie who were married this past weekend at The Garret Club, Buffalo, NY.  Starting as a college romance, the relationship between these two loving people shone throughout the day.  Leah and I arrived early in the day to capture the getting readies.  As we bounced back and forth from room to room, the Club itself transformed.  Rain was a huge concern, so the decision to add a tent was made early on.  I normally have reservations when it comes to tents, because of how dark they are.  But WOW, Katie, her mother, Rachel, and Wedding Planner, The Refined Host, blew me away.  They went the extra mile, renting one with clear panels, beautifully decorated it, and completed the transformation with a full dance floor.  This is the new standard!

   After John and Katie had completed their own transformations, we prepared for the First Look.  This 30min, at the beginning of the day, is my favorite time with a Couple.  This can be one of the only moments that they have alone together during the entire wedding.  I always encourage a First Look for this reason.  Very often, when Couples come back to my Studio to view their gallery, I hear how they didn’t expect that every second someone else would be demanding their attention, or how they didn’t even get a chance to sit and enjoy the party because they were so concerned about playing the host.  The First Look is the perfect opportunity to be alone, take a deep breath, and mentally say, “Ok, we’re ready for this.”

    Next, the whole bridal party made their way to the Japanese Garden for a few creatives.  Because of the First Look, we beat the rush for prime spots, and were on the move again back to the Garret Club.  As final touches were put into place, guests took their seats, and the Ceremony commenced.  Rain started to fall just as dinner was served, but it barely put a dent in the proceedings due to the tent.  Day slowly faded away, the band started to play, and we said our goodbyes.  Thank you again to John and Katie for inviting us to be a part of your Special Day.  We wish you all the best for the future!