David & Sarah | Engagement Session Niagara Falls NY

Engagement Session Niagara Falls NY | AlekseyK Photography

     Ahhhh Niagara Falls, NY, one of the most popular destinations for couples in love!  My wife and I had the pleasure of spending the evening with David and Sarah to celebrate their engagement.  The weather was mild and the golden sunset a perfect backdrop for such a romantic mood.  David and Sarah, like most couples, needed a bit of time to get used to my quirky sense of humor.  They soon settled in, though, and trusted that, no matter how uncomfortable the pose feels, the picture will look wonderful.

    We spent a bit of time in the downtown area.  There were a lot of tourists for a weekday, but that only added to the fun!  I just kept reminding David and Sarah to not worry about feeling self-conscious, they’ll never see any of those people again so who cares, right?

     The next stop, Goat Island and the Three Sister’s.  Twilight was upon us at this point, and the mosquitoes were biting!  Note to self for future shoots….bring bug spray  ☺  I was waiting for the sun to go down below the horizon so I could really take advantage of the Fall’s light display, so we spent some time walking over the bridges between the islands and meandering around Terrapin Point.  After what seemed like hours….I finally got some good lighting conditions and before I knew it, the night was over.  Thank you to David and Sarah for being so patient and I can’t wait till your wedding day for some more fun!