It was a beautiful summer evening in Buffalo, NY as we celebrated the engagement of Rachel and Brian at the Resurgence Brewing Co, Niagara St. Buffalo, NY. Our happy Couple met at the Brewery while there with mutual friends, and the rest, as they say, is history. Resurgence is a relatively new outfit to grace the Buffalo craft beer scene, having been established in 2014; but they’ve quickly become very popular and sell several of their popular varieties at local stores. The Brewery was a little crowded for a Tuesday night, so there were many well-wishers as we moved around taking pictures. A floor to ceiling, wall to wall chalkboard is among the notable features within the Brewery, as well as the beer garden.

   From there, we drove down to Canalside for some sunset images. I underestimated, once again, the popularity of this place and parking was difficult. As we were all walking past the Marina, a strange and very creepy scene appeared – I’m going to call it the Pokémon Zombie phenomenon. Nearly a hundred people, varying in ages, all standing, sitting, walking around with their phones held up – but completely silent. It was surreal.

  We quickly took some sunset silhouettes and moved away from the Zombies. Canalside was buzzing, but on the boardwalk it was pleasantly quieter, as most people were watching a movie or had been turned into a Zombie. We spent some time here till darkness filled the sky and moved over to the Courtyard Hotel fountain. I set Rachel and Brian up for the shot next to the fountain and was taking my first test shots, when someone turned off the water! I’m mean, really?….this was the last shot of the session and what were the odds the water would be turned off?! Rachel was pretty bummed but I didn’t know what I could do about it, so I ended with some portraits instead. As we were packing everything up and started walking back to our parking spots, the fountain turned back on…..I told Rachel and Brian to get back into position real quick and I got some images….for better or worse….I got something and wasn’t going to tempt fate by taking my sweet time about it. Anyways, I can’t wait till next year to spend some more time with this loving Couple. Congrats again to Rachel and Brian. See you soon!