Garrett & Tia | Engagement Glen Park, Williamsville, NY

Engagement Location | Glen Park, Williamsville, NY

   I celebrated the engagement of Tia and Garrett at Glen Park, Williamsville, NY. The weather was iffy at best, but I was optimistic. I love technology and the fact that I can track by radar exactly when a rain cloud will be over my location and plan accordingly. Glen Park is a good location for Couples, but has gotten very popular; I think I was like the fifth photographer out that day, and then Channel 4 showed up to report on location.

   Busy as it was, my main focus was trying to keep Tia and Garrett relaxed. This isn’t always easy, but it’s exactly why I really encourage all my Couples to invest in the engagement session. It gives all of us a chance to get to know each other and learn how to work more efficiently together, so that on the wedding day, the process is much smoother. I can tell the difference on the wedding day between the couples that have and have not had engagements sessions, and while I feel I still produce the same high quality images, it is more work trying to evoke great emotion with Couples that I haven’t worked with prior. I had a great time with Tia and Garrett and I can’t wait till next year!