Congratulations to Tom and Colleen who were married this past weekend at St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church with a reception following at Embassy Suites Buffalo NY.  Leah and I switched things up this week, with her covering the guys getting ready, while I spent the morning with the girls.  There was a noticeable shift in the weather too, with temps dropping seemingly overnight from mid 90’s to 60’s.  It was like summer said, “See Ya”!  After a lovely ceremony and family formals, Tom and Colleen were very generous with their creative time, so we hit up a few different locations throughout the city.  First, we went over to the Japanese Garden.  Busy as always with other bridal parties, but somehow, we never really got in each other’s way.  Next, we took the whole bridal party to the Theater District.  That’s where Tom and Colleen really began to “feel the love” from fellow Buffalonians honking and congratulating as they drove by.  The cops even did a cool shout out with their sirens.  I thought it might be cool to pose everyone on the median and try and catch the metro passing with a slow shutter speed effect.  I set myself up and waited, and when I heard it coming I thought I was all set…. Till the guys started yelling that I was on the wrong side!  Ooops.  I ran across in plenty of time, though, and the shot worked out well.  After dropping the bridal party off at the hotel, I took Tom and Colleen over to City Hall for some last-minute portraits of just the two of them.  The rest of our night went by like clockwork.  Cocktail hour was followed by introductions, dinner and dancing.  I utilized the second floor of the restaurant for our final night shot, and then it was time to say goodbye.  Thank you again to Tom and Colleen for inviting us to be a part of your special day!