It was a beautiful day this past weekend as I celebrated the wedding of Chad and Rachelle near Syracuse, NY. We arrived at the Cortland Repertory Theater, situated next to Little York Lake in Dwyer Memorial Park, to sunshine and laughter as guests started taking their seats. A short, laughter-filled ceremony, led into creatives and family fun. I had a ton of room to simply walk around the park with Chad and Rachelle, looking for different angles and capturing the special moments.
I’d have to say, the memorable moment of the day came in the form of the Best Man Speech, the details of which I cannot share, but all there to hear will never forget. After dinner, as the sun began to set behind the hills and the light took on a soft glow, I stole the Couple away again. This is the perfect time of day, the “Golden Hour” before sunset, which always fades too fast for me. Before I knew what was happening, my time was up and I said my farewells. Thank you again to Chad and Rachelle for letting me take part in your special day and I wish you both all the best for the future!