Garrett & Tia | Buffalo Wedding Photography Bond Lake

Buffalo Wedding Photographer | AlekseyK Photography

   Congratulations are in order for Tia and Garrett as they celebrated their wedding this past weekend at the Bond Lake Warming House, Lewiston, NY. We thought rain might be on the menu for the day, but were pleasantly proved wrong with partly sunny skies prevailing. The Bond Lake Warming House is part of the Bond Lake Park, located on the former Empire Limestone Division quarry. The quarry was active up until 1925, at which point its lakes were allowed to fill in naturally, and by 1964 the land passed into the hands of Niagara County. It’s since been developed into a nature-based facility, offering year-round activities for families.

   We began our day with Tia and her bridesmaids. We used the ample natural light from a front window to set the scene as mimosas were served around and the nervous bride got dressed and prepped. Tia’s cat even joined in the day’s festivities by hiding under her dress during some portrait shots, perfectly content to stay there until shooed away.

   Next, we made our way over to snap a few images of the Guys before everyone arrived at the Warming House. Garrett was appropriately nervous as the guests began to arrive, but well-tended by his groomsman who kept the atmosphere light and jovial.

   The sledding hill lended itself wonderfully as a backdrop for Tia and Garrett’s ceremony while we utilized the main lake for some scenic creatives. As day turned into evening, we all sat down for dinner, dancing and fun. Tia and Garrett were the perfect Couple, allowing me to whisk them away every hour or so for another crazy creative shot. I couldn’t have been happier with how the day progressed and I would like to once again thank Tia and Garrett for inviting me to be a part of their special day!