John & Marguerite Engagement | Buffalo wedding photographers

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   I had the pleasure of spending a beautiful summer evening with Marguerite and John at Tifft Nature Preserve, Buffalo, NY. As I drove to the engagement session, the clouds were looking very dark and the rain began to fall. So much for only a 20% chance of showers! However, as I came over the skyway, the sun broke through the clouds and the sky over the lake looked amazing. I could only hope that it would stay that way long enough for me to get Marguerite and John into position on the hill overlooking the lake. I usually leave the silhouette and “dramatic” images for when the sun is just about to set, but this time they were the first to be taken, and I’m really pleased with the results!

   Some light showers returned as we began to walk down the grassy hill and ventured farther into the preserve, but I found it very refreshing after such a warm day, and it gave me an excuse to have my Couple play around with an umbrella. Marguerite and John were very obliging with all my odd requests, and I think they had just as much fun playing around and being silly as I did.

  To change things up slightly, we took the short drive to Niagara Square in downtown Buffalo. Buffalo’s architecture is amazing, with endless possibilities, and I could have spent hours walking around from building to building if they’d let me. I spent our brief time here experimenting with glass reflections and playing with shadows, but alas, out session came to an end.   I had a wonderful time with Marguerite and John and I can’t for their wedding, so STAY TUNNED!