Jon and Melissa | Brookfield Country Club Wedding Photos

   Congratulations to Jon and Melissa who married this past weekend at Resurrection Roman Catholic Church, with a reception following at Brookfield Country Club, Clarence NY.  This was an amazing day right from the start.  We began at Salon Elizabeth for the girl’s getting ready, then I quickly drove over to Jon and the guys, before coming back to get Melissa into the dress.  Next, we transitioned to the church, where I could tell Melissa was getting anxious.  There’s so much expectation leading up to the wedding day, then everything seems to fly by on the day-of.  Before the big reveal for Jon coming down the aisle, I staged a quick first look with her dad.    

   After the ceremony, it was time for creatives.  We got lucky with nice weather.  This entire spring has been cold and rainy, and I’m so happy I didn’t have to fight the elements for once.  As we made our way around Brookfield’s beautiful grounds, I could really feel the connection between Jon and Melissa.  They were kind enough to have shared their story with me, and in Melissa’s words:

“…I knew I was falling for him based on many things.  ….. how close he was with his family and how close he was with his mom and how he treated her and continues to treat her with so much respect.  I started to picture a future and a life with him and even children.” 

Certainly, as the day progressed into night, that mutual respect was evident.  Little touches/glimpses here and there, never too far from one another and attentive to all the elements that made up their day.  Jon and Melissa were extremely giving of their time and I’m very grateful for all the opportunities given to me throughout the event.  Thank you again and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

Wedding Vendors:

Photographer | AlekseyK Photography
Getting Ready | Salon Elizabeth
Ceremony | Resurrection Roman Catholic Church
Reception | Brookfield Country Club
Videographer | Bella Star Productions