Congratulations to Nick and Miranda who were married this past weekend at Bond Lake, Ransomville, NY.   For the first time this wedding season luck was not on our side as far as the weather goes.  Leah and I started this cold and rainy day with the getting readies.  By the time I joined Leah with the girls, the rain had started, and I thought all our plans for pictures were going to have to be modified; however, Miranda was brave and adventurous.  Despite the elements, she had no problem going outside the entire day for pictures.  After everyone was ready, we headed over to Bond Lake for the Ceremony.  Anyone who’s been to the Bond Lake warming house knows that the interior of the building is generally nothing to write home about.  On this occasion, though, when Leah and I arrived, our jaws dropped.  Never have we seen it look so good.  Nick and Miranda (and I know many other family and friends) really impressed us on this day, and all the other Couples we ever photograph here will have a high bar to reach.  A tent was set up to protect the guests, and as we all huddled together for warmth, the happy Couple was married.  After, it was time for family formals and bridal party photos.  My popularity certainly took a hit at this point, as I insisted we do the photos outside, despite the weather.  I did my best to be quick and I have to say there were very few complaints, so thank you to everyone who indulged me.  After dinner, it was time to get the real party started.  I took some time for more night shots, and we even went outside for a sparkler send-off.  Thank you again to Nick and Miranda for being so great to work with and for going the extra mile every chance you got throughout the day.