Joshua & Katie | Becker Farms Wedding | Gasport NY

Wedding Photographer  Gasport  NY | AlekseyK

Wedding Ceremony and Reception | Becker Farms  Gasport NY

It was a beautiful day in the country for Katie and Joshua’s Becker Farms Wedding, Gasport, NY. This was a destination wedding for the Couple, a happy middle ground for their guests coming from Canada and outside New York State. Becker Farms is one of the more popular venues here in the Western New York area. The 5th Generation family owned 340 acre working fruit and vegetable farm is a picturesque backdrop for most couples and conveniently located close to urban centers, which allows families to visit the countryside and experience nature, without the hassle of a long drive. In fact, several of the bridesmaids were wondering, “What’s that smell?” My reply, “You do know this is a working farm, right?” :)

One of the image requests from the Couple was a shot at the Old Mill, on Quaker Rd, Gasport NY. There are actually several ruins in this area that date back as far as 1820. The ruins are in pretty rough shape right now, and fences/no trespassing signs prevent most visitors from getting too close. I was able to get a few pictures for the Couple, but I can’t say I was overly wowed by the site and it’s potential. Back at the farm, there was a bit of a backlog trying to get creatives done with other weddings using the same venue, but I think we all took it in stride. Unfortunately, Katie and Joshua only had me till early evening, and this was the day of the “Super Moon,” so I missed it at its peak. Overall, it was a very nice day and the images tell a nice story. Congratulation again to Katie and Joshua and thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day!