Congratulations to Gerry and Carrie who married this past weekend at the Asa Ransom House, Clarence NY.  This historic Bed & Breakfast was the perfect location for Gerry and Carrie’s intimate, family-oriented, Special Day.  Leah and I arrived early to capture the getting readies.  Before the guests arrived, we staged a First Look in the garden, then quickly hid Carrie before anyone could see her.  Gerry and Carrie had organized a grand entrance by horse-drawn carriage, and they didn’t want anyone to see her leave the property.  The carriage was a tribute to Carrie’s late father, who had a family business driving draft horses for many years.  As Gerry and the boys lined up, we all waited anxiously for Carrie to arrive.  No one knew where she was, and Gerry joked that maybe she’d changed her mind.  That’s when we heard the sound of hooves coming down Main St. and Gerry turned to see her pull in.  The guests looked on in awe and began to laugh and clap.  A beautiful ceremony followed, and after some quick family formals, everyone made their way into the B&B for lunch.  A few hours later, the guests began to depart, but my time with the happy Couple wasn’t done yet; we drove the short distance to Glen Falls Park for sunset photos to cap off the day.  Spending time with their family was very important for Gerry and Carrie on their wedding day, so we put together a timeline that allowed them to spend the whole afternoon with their guests, then the evening with Leah and I for pictures.  It all worked out very well; we didn’t need to take them away from their family and they still got the one-on-one picture time they wanted. I’d highly recommend this sort of timeline for any small wedding being planned.  Thank you again to Gerry and Carrie for inviting us to spend the day together.  Leah and I wish you both all the best for the future!