Kyle & Marisa | Arbor at the Port Wedding Photos

   Congratulations to Kyle and Marisa who married this weekend at Spiritus Christi Church, with a reception following at Arbor at the Port, Rochester, NY.  This was the first of two weddings this weekend for Leah and I.  It was cold and rainy as we made our way East to Rochester, but there was sun and clear skies in our future!  We arrived for Marisa’s getting ready at a beautiful Air BnB right on the water.  I left Leah to document the details, as I made my way over to Kyle and the guys not far away.  After, I returned for Marisa’s getting into the dress and portraits.  Having been a Couple for 13 years, you would think that Kyle and Marisa would be cool as cucumbers.  This was not the case, though, and it was very touching to see that even after all this time, there was still the excitement and nerves of anticipation in the air.

   After everyone was good-to-go, we drove the short distance to downtown for the Ceremony.  Spiritus Christi is a beautiful, old church, right in the heart of Rochester, near the High Falls area.  In fact, after the ceremony, we made a quick stop at the ever-popular Pont de Rennes Bridge for some bridal party shots, before making our way over to the Port of Rochester to finish out the day.  

   As soon as we arrived at the Port, I brought everyone over to the water’s edge to close out our Creative time.  Aside from the church ceremony, Kyle and Marisa also honored her heritage by having a Laotian Ceremony.  This took place right in the Arbor at the Port, preceding cocktail hour.  This was an interesting ceremony for me, as I’ve never attended one before, and I was amazed how they managed to condense a normally three-day event into an hour and a half!

  As the sun set on this magical day, dinner was served, dancing commenced, and we spent a few more private moments with the happy Couple before saying our goodbyes.  Thank you again to Kyle and Marisa for inviting us on this journey together.  We wish you both all the best for the future!

Wedding Vendors:

Photographer | AlekseyK Photography

Ceremony | Spiritus Christi Church

Reception | Arbor at the Port

Videographer| CD Media

DJ| Kalifornia Entertainment