Prashant & Merlin | Anniversary Photography Buffalo NY

Location | Hoyt LakeAlbright-Knox Art Gallery

   I am happy to share some moments from an Anniversary session with Prashant and Merlin at Hoyt Lake. It was Halloween Night, a bit cold and rainy, but no snow, so I felt myself lucky (this is Buffalo, NY after all). The happy Couple was celebrating their Anniversary and wanted something to remember the special occasion. This particular area has so many options, and it doesn’t really even matter that I’ve been here often, because there’s always a way to shoot something new. I decided to use the Albright-Knox Art Gallery Sculptures to start the session. I particularly loved the mirrored tree (titled Underlife), by Jason Middlebrook. What a wonderful tool for experimentation! I worked my way around the Gallery, utilizing the various forms for different poses, before making my way over to the park and lake area. Fortunately, the majority of the trees still had some brightly colored leaves, and the sun kept peeking out from behind the clouds now and then for some great light. As I was taking a silhouette shot against a tree, I decided to have a little fun, with it being Halloween, and underexposed one of the images to get a more spooky effect (knowing that I’d Photoshop a moon and wolf later on). I posted the image the next day with great results. Overall, it was a wonderful session and I would like to thank Prashant and Merlin for inviting me to be a part of this special day!