Congratulations to Andrew and Kara who married this past weekend in an intimate backyard ceremony in Western New York.  I first met the Couple last year over Skype and knew instantly that I wanted to work with them.  They are both kind, sincere and completely in love with each other.  Unlike a lot of people, when I was told the wedding would be in the family’s backyard, I was intrigued.  Over the years, some of the best weddings Leah and I have done are in people’s backyards.  There’s a level of care, attention to detail and personalization that goes into these types of events.  When Leah and I arrived, we didn’t immediately go into the house; there was a path leading around the back, so we thought we’d see what we were in for.  It had been raining for what felt like a week straight leading up to the day, and we wanted to know if the whole thing was a wash-out.  I can’t even describe the feeling as we walked around the corner and saw the set-up.  I think Leah and I just said WOW, and looked at each other and smiled.  The landscaping around the property was done by Kara’s parents, family and friends.  We proceeded to go in and say hi to Andrew and Kara and start our day with their getting readies.  When everyone was good-to-go, we staged a First Look for just the two of them, before getting ready for the ceremony.  Tears were flowing as Kara walked down the aisle.  After cocktail hour, I got a heads up there was going to be a surprise from one of Andrew’s best friends.  When the time came, all of Kara and Andrew’s friends had put together a video for them about their first impressions of the Couple and what they meant to them.  It was pretty funny and a great tribute to the friendships these two have.  As the night went on, several other family and friends took the stage to show their love.  At one point, even Andrew graced us with a song for his love.  Kara and Andrew actually met at a Karaoke bar, so it was all pretty fitting.  All in all, one of the best weddings this season.  Thank you again to Andrew and Kara for inviting us to be a part of your special day!