5 reasons to update your Family photo | Family photography Buffalo NY 

5 reasons to update your Family photo | Family photography Buffalo NY 

Family photographer Buffalo NY | AlekseyK Photography

 When is the right time to update your Family photo?

    If your parents are anything like mine they have all the family photos hanging on the walls going up the stairs or in the entryway (a “wall of history” my mom called it). Every time you visit you walk past photos of you and your siblings when you were kids – in diapers, as toddlers, teenagers and right up to when you had your own children. They have the family photo from church (on the blue or grey background), the one taken by a stranger during that vacation to the Grand Canyon etc. As you look at the various photos from over the years, you begin to realize that at some point they stopped. It’s been awhile since the whole family’s been together, everyone’s just been too busy and it hasn’t seemed very important. Well, mom and dad aren’t getting any younger, and your children seem to change daily, so the big question is, “When is the right time to update your family photo?”

For most families, the appropriate answer to this question is every couple years or whenever there is a major life event in the family.

Here is a list of 5 reasons to update your Family photo:

  1. The Family is sporting a 10-yr-old Fashion Trend
  2. The Kids don’t recognize themselves
  3. New Family members have been added
  4. Older generation Family members are in Ill health
  5. You want to begin preserving your Family memories

    Hiring a professional photographer is an investment, and I use the word “investment” very intentionally, not only because a professional photographer generally costs several hundred dollars (if not more), but because you want to put time and effort into the process, just as you would any other important decision. The goal is to create a piece of “Art” that can last for many years and be handed down to your children and their children. Your family photo is a keepsake and records a moment in history that you can relive again and again. Make the time in your busy schedule to have a new photo taken of the whole family, and begin to create your own “wall of history.”

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